Saturday, 24 March 2012

Nauossa Paros

Nauossa is the primary tourist centre on Paros. Ferries may arrive in Paroikia but the good times are to be had in Naoussa. Although that said, Paros is a relatively small island and if you rent a car or motorbike there isn't any place that is far away. We tend to stay south of Naoussa and come in for the evenings as we are inclined. However we have also stayed in a very nice hotel just on the outskirts of Nauossa that had a lovely beach and it was just a couple of minutes to the city centre.

Nauossa has a fairly significant harbour for fishing boats which means the many fine restaurants have wonderful fresh seafood. We also like to breakfast at the cafes along the harbour and watch the tourists and fishermen all buzz about with their business in the warm morning sun.

The many quiet bouganvillas lined back alleys are also a great place for shopping, dining or just strolling. Although somewhat smaller and more quiet, Nauossa has much the same flavour as Mykonos and is well worth a stop on your island hopping in paradise.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Try the Peloponnese!

Dear Neptune Poseidon,

First and foremost I would like to thank you very much for your very informative website. I am fond of Greece and have vacationed there many times, especially the Greek islands. My last vacation was in September 2011 when I spent some days on Crete, as well as on Rhodes. These two islands along with the other ones that have been included in your website are undoubtedly some of the most unique destinations in the world.
The main reasons that I was drawn to your site was the impressive photography that really captures the flavor of the Greek Islands. I also appreciated that you included information on the famous Greek cuisine, jewelry, artwork and crafts. The general travel tips are essential if you are visiting for the first time.

Your site is accurate and well organized so one can get the information without wasting a great deal of time. I always recommend Top 10 Greek Islands to anyone I know who is planning a vacation.

PS. I hope that in the foreseeable future you will create something similar for the mainland as well. There are so many beautiful places on the mainland which are more easily accessible as well. Two years ago I and my family visited “ MANI ” one area that is located in the southern most and middle peninsula of the Peloponnese. This particular district is a treasure trove of Byzantine and post Byzantine churches, Frankish castles and stunning scenery. Furthermore, the whole area provides unlimited possibilities for excursions to unique natural beauty areas and some of the best beaches that I have ever seen. I have include some photos if you would like to share them with your readers.

All the Best, Michael

Friday, 9 March 2012

Mykonos Town

Over the last forty years Mykonos Town evolved from traditional Cyclades, to hypster, to jet-set and finally to an international tourism destination. Fortunately, it has retained characteristics of all those phases. It is a circus of shops, restaurants, galleries, clubs and hotels - yet it is still a laid back beach island. There are good beaches in and around town, and fabulous beaches a short distance from town, with shuttles buses to the more distant beaches (as in 10 to 15 minutes away).

Mykonos is second only to Santorini in terms of its stunning visual impact - Cycladic cubist architecture, white stucco-ed, cobble stone alley ways drapped with vibrant bouganvillas. In some senses Mykonos is a victim of its own success - a bit crowded and commercialized, but there are advantages to that as well. And you can always get the best of Mykonos and then move on to a quieter nearby island to recover. That is the wonderful thing about the Greek Islands - so much variety and things to discover and just a short ferry ride to the next experience.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Platys Gialos - Mykonos

Platys Gialos - Mykonos

Platys Gialos (spelled various ways) is a picture perfect resort beach on the south side of Mykonos Island. The sand is soft, the water is clear and cool, but not cold and the board walk is lined with hotels and tavernas.

It is a ten minute ride into Mykonos Town and there is a regular shuttle. Some people stay in town, then come to the beach during the day. Others prefer staying at the beach, then go into town at night. Either way, it is a nice mix of Greek culture and nature.

We spent two weeks and never got restless to move on - and we are island hoppers by nature. In fact, on the beach one day we met a young thirty-ish woman from New York who had been coming to Platys Gialos for the last eleven years in a row. She said she had a good life in New York, but it was her three weeks on Mykonos every year that made her life special. Hard to argue with that!

View from our hotel balcony

Dusk sets on Platys Gialos

It may not be Mykonos Town, but Platys Gialos has a nightlife of sorts.
And all of the locals are very friendly.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Oia of Santorini

Our favourite village on Santorini is Oia. The views are absolutely incomparably gorgeous - which is why Oia is the poster child of the Greek Islands. Oia is especially blessed with a rich sunset that draws visitors from around the world. The sunset also leaves its mark on the locals who blend unique subtle pastels in with the traditional Cycladic white stucco buildings.

The main activities of Oia are watching the sunset, photography, painting, shopping, , eating and drinking at great restaurants and cafes, watching the sunset, hiking the hillside to the rocky beach, gallery hopping, writing post cards that will make your friends die with envy, meditating, and watching the sunset. You definitely should give it a try. Oia is a life changing experience.

There are about 1,300 year around residents and it is 10 kilometers to the Thira city center.

Photo by Karol M

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