Sunday, 29 April 2012

Ferry to Anti-Paros

If you are ever in Paros - and you would be foolish if you weren't - you should definitely take the short ferry over to Anti-Paros. You can easily make it over for lunch or dinner, stroll around a bit and be back within a couple of hours. Anti-Paros has the reputation of being a laid back Paros, although I always thought Paros was laid back enough. In any case, it is also a magnet for Scandinavians, so if you don't have blonde, blonde hair you may start to wonder how you got invited to the party.

The main street is a pedistrian mall that has great outdoor cafes seated under an avalance of bouganvillas, lots of fun shops and great people watching.

Little Anti-Paros looms large  on the horizon off the western coast of Paros.
Ferry docks at Anti-Paros harbour