Sunday, 10 June 2012

Traditional Greek Food

Nothing feels more like serious leisure time than sitting in a Greek beachside taverna feasting on calamari or souvlaki, a skewer of fresh meat, served with grilled pita bread, tzatziki, fresh tomatoes, onions and fried potatoes dripping with lemon, garlic, and oregano – food of the ancient gods indeed.

Greek families like to eat out and when they do they choose to eat traditional Greek cuisine which has been prepared almost the same way for 4,000 years. Their classic Mediterranean food starts on the foundation of olive oil, wheat and wine. Being a nation of surrounded by water it is no surprise that their diet includes lots of fresh seafood. Sheep and goats provide most of the land-based protein and world famous cheeses and yogurt. Desserts tend to be made from honey and nuts.

Menus do vary from island or region but the main choices will be found in all tavernas and restaurants. Increasingly one can find establishments offering cuisine, including fast food from other countries, but mostly there will be hearty rustic delicious Greek food.